Labeling and Coding Equipment

Pressure sensitive labelers are popular among packagers across all industries!  Pressure sensitive labels are labels with an adhesive backing normally printed on a backing paper.  These machines are used to peel the label from the backing paper and apply the l...

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Hot stamp coders include interchangeable alpha numeric characters that enable the operator to print lot numbers, expiration dates and other information on labels and other materials. The hot stamp coder works by placing the alpha numeric characters onto a type holder wh...

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Ink Jet Coders allow for added flexibility in the coding process by offering non-contact printing.  The non-contract printing allows for the ink jet coder to apply dates, times, batch numbers or any other information to a wide array of materials, including labels, ...

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Whether labeling manually or automatically, labeling accessories can add efficiency and increase output of the labeling process. Label dispensers can increase the efficiency of manual labeling by presenting each label to the person applying labels to the containers. Lab...

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This ink coder allows characters to simply be pressed in to create any message desired, including expiration dates, batch numbers, lot numbers and more.  The stamp accepts characters of varying heights  with a built in pad that works with porous and nonporous ...

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Labeling may be the single most important aspect of packaging your product. In most cases, your product label is, quite simply put, the presentation of your product to your customer!

Liquid Packaging Solutions offers labeling machines and coding options for any packaging system. At LPS, we offer manual to fully automatic pressure sensitive labelers, hot stamp coders to laser coders, and all the accessories to get your product ready for the shelf!

Manual to automatic pressure sensitive labelers are available to fit your production needs. A pressure sensitive labeler can apply labels to a bottle in many different formats. Pressure sensitive labeling machinery can be manufactured as an automatic wrap labeler, a front and back label applicator, an automatic three-panel labeling machine or as a custom bottle labeler.

Coding machines allow your to print expiration dates, batch numbers, sell by dates or any other informaton on your product container. LPS offers coding machines for many different materials and production speeds, from hot stamp and ink jet coders to laser coding machines.

Finally, accessories for labeling machines and coding equipment can help to automate your labeling and coding process and increase efficiency. Label rewinders, label dispensers and label printers are all available from Liquid Packaging Solutions.

Labeling machines and coding equipment can always be custom manufactured to meet each customers unique labeling or coding needs. If you have questions about labeling machines or coding equipment, call Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free for your answer!