An Overview of LPS Packaging Machinery

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures a wide range of packaging equipment in LaPorte, Indiana. The company serves packagers across many different industries that prepare even more products for consumers. Below is a general overview of some of the most popular equipment manufactured at the Indiana plant.

Container Cleaning Equipment

Bottle rinsers and washers are used to remove dust and debris from containers early on in the packaging process. Typically, the bottles will be rinsed just prior to being filled with product, to provide the most protection against product contamination due to debris from the manufacture of the bottle, transportation or even storage of containers. Rinsing equipment can be built for automatic production or as a semi-automatic machine for smaller production facilities.

Filling Machines

The filling equipment used for any project will vary depending on the product and several other factors. Product viscosity will always play a large part in the type of filling machine chosen for a project, with overflow and gravity fillers typically the best solution for free-flowing products and pump or piston fillers providing a little extra push for higher viscosity products. The fill principle, such as volume, level or net weight, will also help to find the best filling solutions. LPS manufactures filling machines for almost any application and will work with packagers to find the best filler to meet their individual needs. Like rinsing equipment, filling machinery can be built to run automatically or semi-automatically, including tabletop models for those with limited packaging space.

Capping Machines

LPS manufactures capping machines for a variety of different closures. Spindle and snap capping machines are probably the most commonly manufactured machines, used to tighten screw-on, or continuous thread, caps. But equipment is available for snap caps, ROPP caps, T-corks and more. Both automatic and semi-automatic cappers will be built specifically for the closures being used for any given packaging project.

Power Conveyors

For those with complete packaging lines or automatic stations for one or more packaging tasks, power conveyors are a must-have. Automatic equipment simply ceases to be automatic if manual labor is necessary to move containers through the machinery. LPS power conveyors can be manufactured in various lengths, heights and widths to serve the purpose of the project at hand. Whether moving products in a straight line, horseshoe or other layout, conveyors can be used to move containers efficiently and effectively. In addition, power conveyors may be used to cool products that are filled hot, accumulate product or even load empty containers on a packaging line, as described below.

Loading Equipment

For packaging equipment to perform efficiently, the components used by those machines must be readily available. Empty bottles must consistently and reliably reach the liquid filler, capping machine or other equipment being used by the packager. Loading equipment will most often resemble one of two pieces of equipment. For round bottles, loading turntables are often the best solution for loading containers. Operators can simply place empty bottles on the turntable top with the rotation of the table delivering bottles to the main power conveyors.

For non-round bottles, loading or laning conveyors can be used as an alternative to turntables. These conveyors come equipped with a loading table that allows operators to unload bulk containers into adjustable lanes. These lanes create lines of bottles that are delivered to the main conveyor for transfer to the other packaging equipment.

Liquid Packaging Solutions also manufactures other packaging components and custom equipment. Nitrogen purge systems can be used to replace oxygen in headspace and prolong the shelf life of many different products. Heat shrink equipment can provide tamper evident sealing for a variety of products. And sometimes unique containers or products simply require custom engineered solutions to provide a useful packaging solution to get product to consumers. To learn more about all of the equipment manufactured by LPS, browse the categories on the LPS website. To discuss a specific project, contact LPS to speak with a Packaging Specialist today.