Stretch Wrapping Machine - Rotary Arm Wrapper

Model#: PW-ROT

The rotary arm wrapper replaces the rotating turntable with an arm that wraps around pallets or loads.  The absence of a turntable makes the rotary arm wrapper ideal for unstable loads or extremely heavy loads.

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  • Variable speed carriage lift
  • Variable speed arm rotation
  • Programmable key pad controls
  • Separate bottom and top wrap selectors
  • Tri-beam auto height eye
  • Start cycle push button
  • 20" powered pre-stretch film delivery system
  • Pre-stretch from 50-300%
  • Safety beam with emergency stop
  • Maximum load - 50"L x 50"W x 80"H
  • Weight capacity - unlimited
  • Increased height
  • Automatic end of cycle film cut