Stretch Wrapping Machines - Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper with Variable Speed Carriage

Model#: PW-SA-VSC

This semi-automatic pallet wrapper is designed with a variable speed carriage lift and separate top and bottom wrap selectors to deliver film to the pallet as needed for each individual load.  The operator need only load the pallet, start the cycle and cut the film once the cycle is completed.

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  • 56" diameter stainless steel turntable plate
  • Variable speed carriage lift
  • Variable speed turntable drive
  • Start cycle push button
  • Non pre-stretch film delivery system
  • Tri-beam auto height eye
  • Positive home alignment
  • Separate top and bottom wrap selectors
  • Maximum load - 52"L x 52"W x 90"H
  • Weight capacity of 5000 lbs.
  • Loading ramp
  • Pre-stretch film delivery system