Semi-Automatic Label Applicator - up to 5 Inch label length

Model#: LAB-APP-SA

The semi-automatic pressure sensitive label applicator allows for the labeling of containers by simply placing the container in the bottle carriage and stepping on a footswitch.  Unwind tension adjustments allow the labeling machine to handle different label sizes with simple adjustments, while aiding in smooth, wrinkle-free application.  Photo cell label sensors insure one label is applied to each container.

This semi-automatic pressure sensitive label applicator is ideal for low to medium production facilities and special labeling projects.

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  • Steel frame with powder coat finish
  • Footswitch operation
  • Photo Cell label sensor
  • Fully adjustable unwind tensions
  • Scrap rewind
  • Core size of 3" with maximum roll diameter of 12"
  • Container diameter from 1/4" to 5"
  • Labels from 1" x 1" to 1" x 5"
  • Top wipe down brush
  • Easy changeover of container
  • 1" core size
  • Clear label sensor