Argon Purge

Protect products from the negative impacts of oxygen with the Argon Purge System from LPS.

Similar to the popular nitrogen purge system, argon purge systems are also used to lower oxygen levels in different containers, or container headspaces, without negatively affecting the taste, texture or color of a product.  The purging of oxygen can extend the shelf life of many products by ridding containers of microbes and frustrating growth of microbes that may react negatively in the presence of oxygen.  The specifics of the project and the cost of the gas may help determine whether nitrogen or argon is the better choice for purging.

For questions about argon or nitrogen purging, call Liquid Packaging Solutions today to discuss your own project. 

Argon Purge

The Argon Purge System from Liquid Packaging Solutions replaces oxygen in containers or the headspace of containers to slow the growth of microorganisms that can negatively impact a range of products.  The displacement of the oxygen can extend the shelf life of a p...

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