Net Weight Filling Machines

Add scales to your filling machine to accurately fill by weight with a Net Weight Filler from LPS.

Net Weight Filling Machines from Liquid Packaging Solutions work on the principle of filling each container to a pre-set weight.  Each fill head will use a scale to accurately hit specific set points from cycle to cycle.  The target weight can easily be set via a touchscreen interface found on the control panel.  Net Weight fillers are ideal for projects requiring highly accurate fills when a product is sold and labeled by weight.

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures net weight fillers for a range of product sizes and viscosities.  Click below for more information on the LPS net weight filler or give us a call to discuss your specific filling needs today.

Net Weight Filling Machine

The Automatic Net Weight Filler offers an alternative to filling by volume or to a level. Using a scale for each fill nozzle, this machine offers packagers a way to fill containers accurately and efficiently by net weight.

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