Custom Systems

Custom Packaging Machinery From Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

While our website shows a variety of standard equipment like filling machines, capping machines, conveyors, bottle rinsers and every other category listed on our website, the truth is, almost every packaging machine manufactured by LPS is a custom machine.


Production run of inline pouch filler and capping machinepouch filling machine and pouch capping machine


Inline Pouch Filling Machine Being Tested on the Production Floor at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Almost every project will require some adjustment for the product, bottle, cap, or other component, the production speed and, at times, even the space available on the production floor.  Many other factors can also lead to the need to tweak and fine tune a "standard" packaging machine to make the machine perform efficiently with the specific product and package being prepared.

Filling Machine and Capping Machine Engineering Drawing

Monobloc Pouch Filling and Capping Machine in Production and the Engineering Drawing of the Same

Capping Machine Accessory - Fitment Cap Combiner

Fitment Cap Combiner

Of course, new packaging technology is being researched and developed on a daily basis, while at the same time producer and consumer tastes in packaging are always changing.  Today's custom packaging machines become tomorrow's standard machines - like the automatic chuck capper shown below - while technology, science and just plain taste drive the new and custom machines.

Unscrambler, Bottle Vacuum, Pump Filler and Automatic Chuck Capper



At Liquid Packaging Solutions, we welcome the opportunity to tackle unique packaging ideas and issues.  These projects are what will propel us into the next generation of packaging and packaging machinery.

 Custom Bottle Unscrambler


 Custom Nitrogen Purge System with a Pump Filler and Chuck Capping Machine


If you are considering a project that requires custom machinery from engineering to the production floor, take advantage of the experience and expertise of Liquid Packaging Solutions.  When you work with us, you can expect:

  • A Clear and Concise statement of Scope Of Supply
  • Solidworks Drawings and Bills Of Material for Each Machine Manufactured
  • Electrical Schematics for Each and Every Machine
  • Detailed Packaging Machinery Manuals
Contact us toll-free today to discuss your unique application with a Packaging Specialist.