Overflow Filling Machines

Consistently fill to a level using an Overflow Filler from Liquid Packaging Solutions.

Overflow Filling Machines allow a packager to fill bottles to a desired level, regardless of slight variations to the internal volume of the individual bottles.  Special overflow nozzles create a seal on bottle openings that allow liquid to escape the bottle once the desired fill level is reached, returning to the tank via an overflow port in the nozzle.  This filling principle offers an ideal solution for clear containers, like 750 ml distilled spirits bottles or clear plastic bottles used for many beverages, as the level fill creates a consistent, aesthetically pleasing shelf display.

Liquid Packaging Solutions builds both semi-automatic and automatic overflow fillers for thin to medium viscosity products.  Click below for more information on the specific models or call today to discuss your own project.

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine - Overflow Filler

Ideal for thin to medium viscosity liquids, the Automatic Overflow Filler from Liquid Packaging Solutions consistently fills up to sixteen bottles each cycle.  This liquid filling machine uses bottle indexing and vision systems combined with a PLC and touchscreen o...

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Overflow Filling Machine with Full Frame

The full frame construction of the Semi-Automatic Overflow Filler from Liquid Packaging Solutions allows packagers to fill up to sixteen bottles to the same level each cycle with operator assistance. Operators will place bottles, initiate the fill cycle, and remove bott...

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Tabletop Overflow Filling Machine with Chuck Capper from LPS

Ideal for businesses with limited space for packaging products, the tabletop overflow filler from Liquid Packaging Solutions can consistently fill up to six bottles each cycle to a pre-determined level. Operators will place bottles under the fill nozzles, start the cycl...

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