Move bottles through 90 degree turns to add efficiency to a packaging line with transfer turntables from Liquid Packaging Solutions.

Turntables manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions can be used to load products, accumulate products or transfer products from one packaging station to another.  Not all packaging systems are straight line systems.  While loading and accumulating turntables are often used at the beginning and end of packaging systems, transfer turntables can be used to move containers through the system, allowing products to make a 90 degree turn.  A variety of materials and designs can be used to transfer product from one packaging phase to another using a transfer turntable.

In addition, all turntables can be manufactured will different diameter turntable tops to accomodate almost any product.  For questions about transfer turntables and how they can add efficiency to your own packaging line, contact LPS today at 1-219-393-3600.

transfer turntable from Liquid Packaging Solutions