Cooling conveyors manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions are used for heated products or products that solidify after filling and may need time to cool or set prior to moving to the next packaging station.

Cooling conveyors can be manufactured to simply give the products an extended period of time to cool by allowing for accumulation and slower conveying prior to the next packaging phase.  More commonly, a fan cooling system added to the cooling conveyor will assist in the cooling process and allow containers to quickly pass to the next component of the packaging line, such as capping, labeling or packing.

The standard cooling conveyor from Liquid Packaging Solutions uses a wide, open-mesh conveyor belt to allow for extended conveying time or accumulation of product for cooling.  Cooling conveyors can simply allow time for heated products to cool or set by extending ...

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Cooling Conveyor for Molten Product

The serpentine cooling conveyor is most often used to allow hot fill products time to cool or set before proceeding to the next packaging phase.  The belt conveyor system uses several enclosed levels of conveyor to allow for this cooling time and can also...

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