ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof) Capping Machines are available from Liquid Packaging Solutions in both automatic and semi-automatic models.  The ROPP Capping Head includes threading knives manufactured for the individual needs of the customer container.  

ROPP Cappers are a specialized capping machine ideal for wine bottles, distilled spirits, olive oils, the pharmaceutical industry or any other application where evidence of no product tampering is important.  Semi-automatic ROPP cappers require manual placement of the closure on the bottle, with the head descending to complete the seal once the cap and bottle are positioned on the capper plate.  Automatic ROPP Cappers can be integrated into existing packaging lines or stand alone as a packaging station in a production facility, using a power conveyor and an indexing system to provide higher speed capping.

ROPP Capping Machine - Three Head

The Automatic ROPP Capper is built to thread aluminum roll-on pilfer proof (ROPP) caps onto containers.  ROPP cappers are most commonly seen in the wine and distilled spirits industries, but the capper is ideal for any product that requires evidence that the contai...

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Semi-Automatic ROPP capping machine

The Semi-Automatic ROPP Capping Machine is manufactured specifically for aluminum roll on pilfer proof caps.  However, a capping head for the ROPP Capper is also available to seal standard twist-off or screw-on plastic caps.  The operator of the Semi-Automatic...

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