Labeling Machinery

Labeling may be the single most important aspect of presenting your product to the consumer. In most cases, your product label is, quite simply put, the way you communicate with your potential customer!  Liquid Packaging Solutions can recommend labeling machines with numerous different applications, including wrap, front and back and panel, to name a few.  Recommended labelers include semi-automatic to fully automatic pressure sensitive labelers, with many of the machines offering accessories, such as hot stamp coders to apply dates, lot numbers and more to the label itself.

Semi-automatic labeling machines will require an operator to assist in the application of the label with each bottle.  As an example, a user of a semi-automatic labeling machine may simply place the bottle in to a positioning nest.  Once the labeler senses the bottle in position, the label will be applied.  Other semi-automatic machines may use a foot switch to activate the labeling process. 

Automatic labeling machines can be integrated into just about any packaging line, allowing bottles to be quickly and accurately labeled while traveling down a power conveyor.  Finally, custom labeling machines can also be recommended for unique or unusual labeling projects.  Accessories are also available to work with the labeling machine, including coders to print right on the label or even on bottles or other containers.

Liquid Packaging Solutions does not manufacture labeling equipment.  However, LPS can recommend a manufacturer of labeling equipment based on your bottles, labels and other project components to integrate with other LPS machinery to form a complete packaging system. 

For questions or more information, contact the LPS offices Toll Free today at 1-888-393-3693.

Wrap Labeler

Wrap labelers are used to apply a wrap around label to containers as small as 5 ml as well as those large enough to circle 10 gallon pails.  Simple to use centralized controls and an LCD display on this bottle labeler make changeover from one container to another q...

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Pressure sensitive wrap labelers offer quick and easy set up and changeover with self-set technology.  The operator simply places a container on the labeler conveyor and motors are synchronized for smooth, wrinkle-free labeling.  This automatic bottl...

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Front Back Wrap and Panel Labeling machine

Automatic pressure sensitive front/back and wrap labelers are ideal for facilities labeling a wide variety of containers in a different number of formats.  This automatic bottle labeler can also be custom manufactured to apply three panel labels and other unique la...

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Front and Back Labeling Machine

Front and Back labelers will use two labeling heads to apply a label to the front and back of a wide variety of containers.  These labeling machines are ideal for products that include a decorative front label and an informative back label.  Easily adjustable ...

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Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

Automatic pressure sensitive label machines can use two labeling heads to apply labels on the top and/or bottom of containers.  An LCD Display with touch panel controls allows the operator to quickly and easily make adjustments to the labeling machine.  T...

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Semi-Automatic Pressure Sensitive Labelers are capable of labeling round containers with a diameter of 1/4" up to 6".  The operator of the label machine simply places the container and steps on a foot pedal to apply the label to the container.  This semi-autom...

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