Personal Care and Household

Personal care items can range from liquid soaps to shampoos and toothpastes, while household products can include air fresheners and dishwashing liquid.  These items, as you can tell from those mentioned above, can range from free-flowing low viscosity products to thick liquids and pastes.  The packaging machinery used on a personal care or household products packaging line will depend on the product itself.

A typical packaging line for personal care products or household products is shown below:


This system includes:

  • A overflow filling machine for consistent, level fills;
  • A spindle capper for continuous container capping;
  • Turntables for container loading and product accumulation;
  • A power belt conveyor system to move containers through the packaging process.

This typical packaging system will not be ideal for every personal care or household product.  As noted above, personal care products and household products come in a variety of forms, some thin and free-flowing, others thick and viscous. 

Liquid Packaging Solutions has created unique packaging systems for nearly the entire range of viscosities in the personal care and household goods industries.  Each of the products in these industries offer unique packaging challenges.  For example, a recent application included an air freshener with dual scents, requiring a filling machine that could quickly and efficiently fill both scents on the same container in small doses. 

LPS not only manufactures a range of automated systems for the personal care and household products industries, but can design and create manual and semi-automatic systems as well.  These manual and semi-automatic packaging systems are ideal for facilities with lower production or for special product runs.

Additional packaging machinery can be added to a personal care or household products packaging system.  These packaging machines may include, but are not limited to, a rinsing machine for container cleaning prior to filling, a labeler to quickly and efficiently apply labels to containers and/or a pallet wrapper to get products ready to ship.   

For questions regarding packaging machinery for the personal care industry or for household products, contact a Packaging Specialist at Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free at:




Automatic Spindle Capping Machine

The Automatic Spindle Capper from Liquid Packaging Solutions is ideal for almost any packaging project using screw-on, or continuous thread, type closures.  Automatic spindle capping machinery provides continuous capping for a wide variety of cap sizes, cap types, ...

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Fully Automatic Gravity Filling Machine

The Automatic Gravity Filler from Liquid Packaging Solutions provides a time based, volumetric fill for thin to medium viscosity products.  This liquid filler is manufactured to be a part of a complete, automated, inline packaging system and can be integrated into ...

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Wrap Labeler

Wrap labelers are used to apply a wrap around label to containers as small as 5 ml as well as those large enough to circle 10 gallon pails.  Simple to use centralized controls and an LCD display on this bottle labeler make changeover from one container to another q...

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Bottle Air Rinser from Liquid Packaging Solutions

Semi-automatic air rinsers are an ideal container cleaning option for a number of industries with low to medium bottle cleaning requirements.  The operator of the air rinser will place and remove bottles with each cycle, activating the cycle through the use of a fo...

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Low profile power conveyors are manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions using anodized aluminum for increased corrosion and wear resistance.  Low profile refers to the short distance from the bottom of the belt conveyor frame to the top of the conveyor belt...

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An automatic, inline packaging system for thick liquids in the Personal Care and Household Products Industry, including equipment to fill, cap and label product.

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Package free-flowing personal care and household products with ease using the Basic Automated System from Liquid Packaging Solutions. Equipment to efficiently and consistently rinse, fill, cap and otherwise prepare your products for the shelf.

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A tabletop packaging system for the Personal Care and Household Products, including a combination of machinery to fill, cap and label product.

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