Liquid Packaging Solutions offers Spindle Capping Machines in both automatic and semi-automatic models.  The Spindle Capper, or retorquer, uses sets of "spindles" or rubber discs that spin a cap down tightly on threads to seal the container.  Automatic capping machines use a cap delivery system such as a cap elevator or vibratory bowl, while semi-automatic machines will usually require hand placement of caps before tightening.

Spindle capping equipment works with a wide variety of screw-on, or continous thread, closures and with an array of bottle types and sizes.  These capping machines can also be used with both glass and plastic bottles.  Spindle capping machines can thread flat caps, sports caps, oval caps, trigger sprayers, pumps and many others.  

Automatic Spindle Capping Machine

The Automatic Spindle Capper from Liquid Packaging Solutions is ideal for almost any packaging project using screw-on, or continuous thread, type closures.  Automatic spindle capping machinery provides continuous capping for a wide variety of cap sizes, cap types, ...

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Spindle Capper - Tabletop Version

The Tabletop Spindle Capping Machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions offers an economical solution for low to medium production capping projects that use screw-on, or continuous thread, closures.  The tabletop spindle capper is ideal for containers with trigge...

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Spindle Capper - Semi Automatic from LPS

The Semi-Automatic Spindle Capper from Liquid Packaging Solutions is ideal for low to medium production facilities that hand place screw-on type closures onto containers during production.  This semi-automatic capping machine allows for continuous capping of a...

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