Capping Machines and Sealing Equipment

Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a variety of options for capping and sealing your containers. Chuck cappers, spindle capping machines, inductions sealers, neck banders and more can be used alone or in combination to create the perfect cap and/or seal for your product.

Liquid Packaging Solutions' capping equipment includes spindle cappers, chuck cappers, ROPP cappers, snap cappers and custom manufactured capping machinery for special caps. Our automatic and semi-automatic spindle cappers include a cap tightener, cap chute and a cap sorting device. The spindle capping machine is ideal for production with continuous capping needs. The spindle capper works with a wide varity of cap types and sizes.

Our chuck cappers are available in handheld models that allow mobility for capping anywhere on a packaging line. Chuck capping machines are also available in semi-automatic tabletop and portable models. Different size chucks and chuck inserts allow the chuck cappers to handle a wide variety of caps as well.

Neck banders and induction sealers provide additional security to your capping and sealing process. Liquid Packaging Solutions offers waterless induction sealers and our neck banders can handle caps up to 100 mm for tamper evident seals.

Custom capping and sealing equipment, such as combination spindle/snap cappers, can also be manufactured for caps unique in shape or size.

If you have questions about your capping needs or any of the capping machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, contact us toll free for your answer!

Spindle Capper with pre-feeder and vibratory bowl

Liquid Packaging Solutions offers Spindle Capping Machines in both automatic and semi-automatic models.  The Spindle Capper, or retorquer, uses sets of "spindles" or rubber discs that spin a cap down tightly on threads to seal the container.  Automatic ca...

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Automatic Chuck Capping Machine - Liquid Packaging Solutions

Liquid Packaging Solutions offers Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Handheld Chuck Capping Machines to accommodate almost any level of production demand.  These capping machines use chuck heads, some with chuck inserts, to descend over a cap and bottle and apply torque...

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ROPP (Roll on Pilfer Proof) Capping Machines are available from Liquid Packaging Solutions in both automatic and semi-automatic models.  The ROPP Capping Head includes threading knives manufactured for the individual needs of the customer container.   ROP...

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Custom capping projects require custom capping machines!  Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures capping machinery for custom caps and containers!  Each specialty capping machine is custom manufactured for the cap and container of the individual customer...

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Induction Sealer

Induction sealers are used to provide tamper evidence on sealed products, prevent product leaks and provide long-lasting freshness to products.  Food grade products and pharmaceutical companies regularly use induction sealers for these reasons. An induction sealer ...

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Heat Tunnels from Liquid Packaging Solutions

Heat tunnels are used to apply shrink seals and shrink sleeves to products.  Heat tunnels can be used by individually and manually placing shrink seals or sleeves on a product and sending them through the tunnel or a heat tunnel can be integrated into a new or exis...

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Neck Bander will automatically strip the band from roll and apply it around the cap and neck of a container. Heat tunnels, also offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, will then shrink the band for a tight seal. Quick and easy changeover for different cap sizes make...

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Capsule Spinner from Liquid Packaging Solutions

The capsule spinner provides tamper evident seals for products such as distilled spirits, olive oils, wines and more.  The standard automatic machine uses starwheel indexing and a capsule placer to first grab a single capsule from a row of loaded capsules.  On...

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Automatic Bottle Corker from Liquid Packaging Solutions

Bottle corking machines provide a closure system for cork-type capping needs for products such as distilled spirits, wine, olive oil and more.  The standard automatic bottle corker will include a delivery system that will set corks in the bottle.  Once in plac...

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Bottle Capper - Snap Capping Machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures Snap Capping Machines for both automatic and semi-automatic production.  The Snap Capper uses either a press on head or press belt to apply pressure to snap on type caps as they move through the capping equipment.  Autom...

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