Bottled Water

Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a wide variety of packaging machines and packaging experience to the bottled water industry. LPS has designed bottled water plants and manufactured bottled water packaging machinery for companies across the country and around the world.

A typical bottled water plant would include a packaging line like the one shown below:


This system includes:

  • An overflow filler for consistent, level fills;
  • A spindle capping machine for continous capping of containers;
  • Turntables for container loading and product accumulation;
  • A power conveyor system for moving product through the packaging line.

Of course, this typical bottled water packaging line will not be ideal for every application. A variety of filling and capping equipment is available for bottled water applications. Additional equipment, such as automatic rinsers for container cleaning, bottle unscramblers to replace the loading turntable, an automatic labeler, an induction sealer, or even a pallet wrapper can be added to the bottled water line to meet individual and specific packaging line needs.

Unique applications also require unique designs. LPS manufactured a portable bottled water system by installing a horseshoe type rinsing, filling, capping, and labeling system into a trailer, allowing bottled water to reach the areas where it is most needed. LPS has also manufactured manual and tabletop bottled water systems for start up bottled water companies or lower production facilities.

For questions regarding bottled water equipment, including rinsers, fillers, cappers and more, contact a Packaging Specialist at Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free today at:




Automatic Liquid Filling Machine - Overflow Filler

Ideal for thin to medium viscosity liquids, the Automatic Overflow Filler from Liquid Packaging Solutions consistently fills up to sixteen bottles each cycle.  This liquid filling machine uses bottle indexing and vision systems combined with a PLC and touchscreen o...

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Automatic Spindle Capping Machine

Repeatedly and consistently tighten screw-on closures with the Automatic Spindle Capper manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions.  Using a cap delivery system to present closures to each bottle, this capping machine provides non-stop sealing as bottles and caps t...

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Automatic Rinsing Machine - Air Rinse for Bottles

Create an efficient and continuous bottle cleaning process with the Automatic Inverting Air Rinsing Machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions.  With two to sixteen rinse heads, this machine clamps and inverts containers over an easily cleanable rinse basin before rem...

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Wrap Labeler

Wrap labels around containers as small as 5ml up to 10 gallon pails with an Automatic Wrap Labeler.  With simple centralized controls and an LCD display, changeover from one container to another is quick and easy.  This automatic labeler is ideal for almost an...

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Bottle Air Rinser from Liquid Packaging Solutions

The space-saving Semi-Automatic Air Rinsing Machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions allows an operator to rinse between one and six bottles every rinse cycle.  The operator of this LPS bottle cleaner places containers on the rinse nozzles, activates the rinse, and ...

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The compact design of Low Profile Anodized Aluminum Conveyors from Liquid Packaging Solutions allows conveyor belting to fit in tight spaces in a packaging line.  "Low profile" refers to the short distance between the bottom of the belt conveyor frame and the top o...

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Liquid Packaging Systems for Bottled Water

An automatic, inline packaging system for the Bottled Water Industry, including equipment to fill, cap and label products.

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A tabletop packaging system for the Bottled Water Industry, including a combination of machinery to fill, cap and label product.

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