After Sale Services

At Liquid Packaging Solutions, our relationships with our customers do not begin and end with the sale of packaging equipment.  While we consult and assist in the planning stage, we also remain available once your packaging system is installed and running production in your facility.


Whether a packaging machine was manufactured by LPS, manufactured by an OEM or integrated into your system by LPS, our technicians are always available to assist you even after the equipment is installed and running production.  During business hours, LPS technicians are available by phone, or even online via chat, to answer questions, walk a supervisor through machine set-up or troubleshoot packaging machine issues.  If our customers need assistance, they know they need not hesitate to call!


At LPS, we understand that businesses experience turnover.  Initial training of a supervisor may mean nothing if that supervisor is gone within the year. Improper set-up of a machine can then lead to additional production issues.  LPS technicians are available for additional training on the operation of packaging machinery if the need arises.  In addition, for those issues that simply cannot be solved over the phone or the magic of the internet, LPS can dispatch a technician to the customer facility to get production back on track and make the necessary adjustments to the machine.