Provide tamper evidence for distilled spirits, wines, olive oils and more with a Capsule Spinner from LPS.

The capsule spinner provides tamper evident seals for a range of products, though these machines are popular in industries such as distilled spirits, olive oils and wine.  In addition, capsules can add aesthetic value to a product using color, patterns, logos and more.  Automatic capsule spinners use a capsule placer to grab a pre-loaded capsule and place it on the bottle before the spinner descends to complete the seal.  Semi-automatic versions will require manual placement of the capsule for each bottle prepared.

The different levels of automation allow capsule spinners to provide a solution for small businesses and large producers.  For more details on either version of the machine, click on the product below or call us with questions about using the capsule spinner for your own packaging project.

Capsule Spinning Machine from LPS

Available with one or multiple heads, the Automatic Capsule Spinner from LPS provides tamper evidence for products using tin or almost tin capsules.  Automatic machines will use a delivery system to first place the capsule on the bottle and then use star wheel inde...

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Capsule Spinner - Semi-Auto - LPS

With easy tool free and height adjustments, the Semi-Automatic Capsule Spinner provides tamper evidence by sealing tin or almost tin capsules on a range of bottles.  Operators of this machine place the capsule on the bottle and position both in a V-slot to activate...

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