2020 Product Review: Overflow Filling Machine

One method of filling bottles with product is to fill to a specific and predetermined level, the same level in every bottle. This fill can only be achieved by the overflow filler. Rather than filling by volume or weight or some other measurement, the overflow filling machine gives packagers using clear containers an easy way to present an aesthetically pleasing shelf appearance to their customers.

Overflow fillers use a special nozzle that seals over the bottle opening. Once the product reaches the desired level in the bottle, excess liquid overflows through the nozzle and back to a holding tank. Fill level can be easily adjusted by using spacers on the filling nozzles which also help to allow the machines can accommodate a range of bottle sizes.

Of course, the machines can be used with any free-flowing or medium viscosity liquid and may be used by some packagers to help control foamy products, even if the containers are not clear! Due to the principle of overflowing product, this filling machine will usually not be an efficient solution for filling thick, viscous products, though there may be exceptions!

The bottle fillers can be manufactured for small runs or for continuous automatic production with up to sixteen heads on the fully automatic machines. Tabletop and semi-automatic overflow fillers will require assistance from operators, such as placing bottles and starting the fill. Automatic machines include a PLC and easy to use operator interface that simply requires machine set up and the press of a button to automatically index and fill containers. The touchscreen operator interface also includes a Recipe Screen to make set up quick and easy for different bottle sizes by saving and recalling the necessary settings for the bottle and product combination.

One of the most popular filling machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, more information on these machines is available on the Overflow Filler page of the LPS website. Packaging Specialists can also be reached at LPS to discuss the Overflow Filler and other filling options to help determine the best solution for any given packaging project.