A Packaging Machine A Day - Inverting Rinsing Machines

Inverting Rinsing Machines, as the name suggests, turn containers upside down in order to rinse dust and debris from the inside of those containers before returning them to the main power conveyor system. These automatic packaging machines help protect against product contamination by removing build up that may occur from the manufacture, transport or storage of the containers.

Inverting air rinsers are typically seen on inline systems and used just prior to the filling machine. Bottles will be indexed in to the rinse area, allowing a specific number of containers to be cleaned with each cycle. Once in place, the bottles are clamped and lifted from the conveyor to be inverted over a rinse basin. Once fully inverted, nozzles will blast the inside of the containers with clean air, water or some other rinse media, allowing the debris to be loosened and removed from the inside of the container. After the completion of the rinse, the bottles are returned to the main conveyor system where they will be released to travel to the next packaging machine.

The choice to use air, water, product or other liquid to complete the rinse process will depend on both the specific project at hand and the desire of the packager. Air will create less waste than liquid, while liquid can offer a more thorough rinse under certain conditions and depending on the debris found in the bottles. Actual product may be used to avoid dilution or cross-contamination with some other liquid as well.

Technically speaking, semi-automatic inverting rinsing machines are also available from Liquid Packaging Solutions. However, the semi-automatic machines require the inverting be done by an operator of the machine. Operators will usually place bottles upside down on rinse nozzles and then activate the rinse cycle with a foot or finger switch. Like automatic rinsing machines, these semi-automatic versions may also use air, water, product or some other liquid. The semi-automatic rinsing machines offer a solution for packagers with lower output or smaller runs.

Inverting rinsing machines can handle a range of bottles, of both plastic and glass. However, some containers may prove challenging to invert due to shape, size, weight or some combination of factors. In these cases, bottle vacuums and custom rinsing machines may be used to remove the debris from containers. To learn more about inverting rinsing machines and other bottle cleaning solutions, simple visit the Bottle Rinsing Machines and Bottle Washers section of the LPS website.