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Apr '09

April Fools Day!

Liquid Packaging Solutions is guessing that this is what you'll be thinking when you see our pricing on our monthly specials for April! This month we are focusing on the foundation of any packaging system, the conveyor and conveying systems! More


Mar '09


Mar '09

Liquid Packaging Solutions March Madness

March Madness is here! No, not the basketball tournament, the packaging machinery parts sale!!! Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. is offering 10% off of ALL parts sales from now until the end of March. From conveyor and turntable parts to additional fill heads to gripper belts for the capper, now is the time to stock up on any and all replacement parts for your packaging system! However, in the spirit of the OTHER March Madness, LPS will take you down to our FINAL FOUR for even more savings. Below you will find some highlights leading up to the Liquid Packaging Final Four! More


Mar '09

South Pack 2009!

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. is hitting the road once again! This time for South Pack 2009 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 11th and 12th! LPS will be setting up a small sampling of their packaging machinery in Booth 2343 and invite one and all to come visit! With the success of the LPS filling machinery at the West Pack show in Anaheim, Liquid Packaging Solutions has again chosen to highlight filling machinery at the South Pack show. In addition, LPS will be adding a Spindle Capper to the South Pack booth! More


Mar '09

Monthly Specials - March 2009

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. has spotlighted filling machines for our March specials! This month we are featuring several different filling machine, including our popular Automatic Overflow Filler. In addition, we are highlighting our uniframe fillers. The uniframe fillers allow our customers to add other packaging machines, such as labelers and cappers, right on the frame with the filler! More


Feb '09

Proudly Made in the Usa!

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. takes pride in the fact that our packaging machinery is a product of the United States of America! Located in LaPorte, IN, just 50 miles east of Chicago, LPS machines are made in the USA but ship around the world! More


Feb '09

West Pack 2009

Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., would like to thank each and every person who came to visit us in Anaheim at West Pack 2009! Last week, we packed our bags AND our fillers and headed out to California for the annual west coast packaging machinery show. The sheer number of attendees at this years show was amazing. We estimate that we discussed our packaging systems with over 350 visitors to our booth over the three days of the packaging machinery show! More


Feb '09

Spare Parts - Filling Machinery

Whether you have an overflow filler, gravity filler, pump filler or specialty filling machinery, now is the time to stock up on replacement parts and spare parts for your filling machine! Starting Monday, February 16th through the end of the month, Liquid Packaging Solutions is offering 10% off of our regular price on all filler parts! More


Feb '09

Conveyors - Troubleshooting

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures a number of different conveyors and conveyor systems. LPS conveyors are available in aluminum construction, stainless steel construction or HDPE construction! Various belt width and belt types are available as well, as well as custom systems that may include curved conveyors, serpentine conveyors or other custom conveyors. Below you will find some of the most common issues faced over time by the users of different conveyor types along with some possible solutions! Keep in mind that many different conveyors and conveyor belting exist and the notes below will not apply to ALL conveyor types! If you have a question about your conveyor, feel free to contact Liquid Packaging Solutions toll free at 1-888-393-3693! More