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Apr '08

Bottled Water

With the explosion of bottled water, of course, came the explosion of bottled water plants. Those in the packaging industry over the last twenty years became first-hand witnesses to the rise of bottled water. Though the bottled water industry has steadied lately, there is a continued demand for the product. But how do you know where your bottled water originates? How do you know the water is anything more than local tap water? More


Apr '08

New York, New York

The packaging industry will converge in one of the greatest cities in the world on June 3rd through the 5th of 2008. EASTPACK will highlight and showcase the latest in the packaging industries machines, components, materials, parts and more... More


Apr '08

Spring Parts Sale!

The weather is warming up! (FINALLY!) This is no time to be stuck indoors troubleshooting a filler or manually running production while waiting for a part! You should be outside doing all kinds of fun stuff (Mowing the lawn, picking up sticks, weeding the garden, the list is endless...) To celebrate Spring 2008, LPS is offering an 8% discount on all parts for all machines! More


Apr '08

What Liquid Filling Machine is Right for My Product?

Having the right packaging system for your product makes your company more efficient, productive and profitable. Do you know which filler to use for your sauce or syrup, bottled water, personal care product, jam or jelly, oils and lubricants or degreaser? More


Apr '08

2008 Economic Stimulus Package

In February of 2008, President Bush signed into law the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. This Act includes new tax incentives that may help lower the cost of investing in new equipment. The two main provisions are outlined below: SECTION 179 More