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Jun '15

Adding Nitrogen Purge Equipment To An Existing Power Conveyor System

Improve shelf life with nitrogen purge systems in packaging lines. Learn how this equipment enhances product quality and longevity. Contact us for details! More


Jun '15

Top Reasons To Try LPS Packaging Equipment

For those that have been to our website, browsed our items or even talked to a Packaging Specialist at LPS, but who have never actually used our machi... More


Jun '15

Five Reasons To Visit PACK EXPO This September

PACK EXPO 2015 is slowly getting closer as we move into the summer season. But there is still plenty of time to plan to attend the event, which runs f... More


Jun '15

Custom Packaging Machinery for Atypical Packaging Projects

As we have stated before, an argument can be made that all packaging machinery is custom packaging machinery in that each piece of equipment manufactu... More


May '15

A Move To Flexible Packaging?

Discover the shift from rigid to flexible packaging: creative freedom, durability, eco-friendly, and cost savings. Discuss your packaging needs with LPS! More


May '15

Uniframe Packaging Systems - A Turnkey Solution With A Small Footprint

The term turnkey packaging system will normally bring to mind multiple automatic packaging machines with a power conveyor system connecting all of the... More


May '15

Pneumatic Filling Machines Remove Electrical Issues For Packagers

Standard power for most liquid filling machines will include some type of electrical requirement, in other words, you plug in the machine to make it w... More


May '15

Low Space is No Problem with Tabletop Packaging Equipment

There are a number of products that get their start in a local or regional area, which means production may start at low to medium levels. While many ... More


May '15

Expanding Packaging Lines - Options

As we have stated before, many companies begin their packaging lines with less than completely automated turnkey systems. More commonly, packagers beg... More


May '15

Beginner's Guide: Shopping For A Capping Machine

Now that we have covered a few questions to ask when hunting for a filling machine, let's take a second to consider what to look for when the time com... More