An Assortment of LPS Equipment on YouTube

As much as we like to talk about the equipment we manufacture at Liquid Packaging Solutions, there is no better way to get a feel for our machinery or understand how they work than to see them in action. That's why we put up many of our machines on the LPS YouTube Channel (which can be found here) before they reach their final destination.

The LPS YouTube Channel includes a number of different packaging machines manufactured in the La Porte, Indiana plant year round. The videos show popular filling machines such as the overflow filler, which uses a fill to level system for an aesthetic and consistent fill with each cycle. The videos not only show the overflow principle and how the machine works to fill each container to the same level, but also show the different automation levels and different ways the machine can be manufactured. The overflow filler can be built to work automatically on a complete packaging line or it can be manufactured to work semi-automatically as a tabletop model or on a full sized frame. These different versions of the overflow filler allow packagers both large and small to take advantage of the unique fill to level system of the machine.

Of course, LPS does not just manufacture filling machinery. YouTube allows packagers to see the many different capping machines in action as well, including semi-automatic and automatic models as well. Capping machines will be manufactured to handle the type of closure being used on any given product, so the videos help packagers get an idea of what is necessary for the type of cap or other closure they are using on their own unique system. From spindle cappers and chuck capping machines for screw on type caps to corking machines for distilled spirits, olive oils and other similar products, many different cappers can be seen at the LPS channel.

And of course, sometimes we have to pull together all of the equipment, from rinsing machines, fillers and cappers to conveyor systems, nitrogen purge equipment and integrated machinery such as labelers. Several different videos are included on the channel to show variations of complete packaging systems. Of course, each complete line will be tailored to the specific needs of the project at hand, but most will include equipment to fill, cap and label containers at the very least. Packaging systems can also be as simple as multiple tabletop machines to completely automatic systems that will run thousands of bottles a day with minimal operator assistance.

So while Packaging Specialists are always available to discuss projects with packagers from any industry, we always encourage anyone with a packaging project to visit the LPS channel to get a better idea of how our equipment can work for their project. Check out the newest videos here, or browse our website for even more information on all of the equipment manufactured at LPS.