April Fools Day!

Liquid Packaging Solutions is guessing that this is what you'll be thinking when you see our pricing on our monthly specials for April!  This month we are focusing on the foundation of any packaging system, the conveyor and conveying systems! 


Non-powered conveyors are ideal for manually moving product from one packaging station to another!  Close roller conveyors are sometimes used to accumulate packaged product at the end of a packaging system, where boxes are loaded on to a pallet for shipping.  Serpentine skate conveyors can be used to manually move product where space is limited or where the start and end point may vary slightly! 


Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures power conveyors for many different applications.  From aluminum to stainless steel to poly construction, LPS conveyors can handle products ranging from water to corrosive chemicals!  Power conveyors are used to quickly, efficiently and continuously move products between your packaging machinery. 

For more information on LPS powered conveyors, simply click on the following link:


Once you have your conveyor system and packaging machinery in place, you may need a space to load and accumulate your product!  LPS turntables are the perfect compliment to almost any packaging system!  Loading turntables allow a user to simply place containers on the turntable for introduction to the packaging system!  Loading turntables may also be coupled with other packaging machinery, such as an unscrambler, to further automate the packaging process. 

Accumulating turntables are used to accumulate packaged product at the end of a packaging system or anywhere else on a packaging line!  Perhaps a quality control inspection is necessary.  Or maybe you just want to accumulate product to ready for shipment! 

Finally, transfer turntables can be used anywhere on a packaging line to turn containers 90 degrees where floor space is limited!  Like conveyors, LPS turntables can be manufactured in aluminum, stainless steel or poly. 

Our specials page features some of our most popular conveyors and turntables!  But don't hesitate to contact LPS for a quote on ANY conveyor or turntable in the month of April!  We promise, our prices are real, NO APRIL FOOLS JOKES HERE!

You can call LPS toll free at 1-888-393-3693 or email for a quote!