April Showers...With the Help of Bottle Rinsers

It's that time of the year again, when green becomes the dominant color and everyone tolerates the rain for the flowers and other life that the showers will bring in the next month or so. Of course the point of the April Showers is to wash away the mess of the last few months and get ready for a fresh, clean Spring season. The same theory holds true for bottle rinsing machines from Liquid Packaging Solutions. These machines will rinse off the dirt, dust and debris from the manufacture, transportation or storage of containers to ensure a clean and fresh final destination for your product.

Rinsing machines can help to keep the packaging process sanitary using air, water or other rinse media to get rid of contaminants before product is introduced. Some rinsing machines even use a combination of an air blast and a vacuum to remove these contaminants. Others may use rinse bottles with the actual product being filled, which allows the benefits of a wet rinse without the danger of watering down a product after the rinse.

Container cleaning equipment from LPS can be manufactured to work alongside other packaging machinery on a complete, turnkey automated packaging system. However, for those that do not require the kind of speed and automation offered by fully automatic rinsers, semi-automatic container cleaning equipment is also available. Semi-automatic machines normally require an operator to invert bottles and place them on rinse nozzles before stepping on a foot switch to initiate the cleaning cycle. Once the air rinse, water rinse or vacuum is completed, the operator will remove the rinsed containers and move them to the next packaging station. Automatic container cleaning equipment will typically use a power conveyor and a carriage to invert bottles over a rinse basin. Automatic bottle vacuums, however, forego the inversion phase of the rinse and simple create a seal on the bottles for the vacuum to be effective.

Container cleaning equipment may be helpful with any packaging project where containers are shipped to the plant, held in storage or even where the process itself may take place in a dusty environment. However, these machines are most often seen in industries where products are ingested or injected. Foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, pet foods and treats and similar products and industries are required to protect against contamination of the products. For other products though, the simple benefits of a clean bottle and product, the shelf appeal and aesthetic value added, will be enough to include a bottle rinser or washer on their packaging line.

For more information about bottle rinsers and washers, visit the container cleaning section of our website or call a Packaging Specialist Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693.