Are There Packaging Solutions for My Liquid?

Liquid packaging is a pretty broad term, with two pretty broad words. When most people think of "liquid" they think of a free-flowing or water-like substance. In fact, water probably comes to the mind of many people when the term liquid is used. However, liquids cover a wide range of products in packaging, over a great number of industries. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, water and other beverages make up a good number of the products for which machinery is produced. But these items are far from all-inclusive when it comes to the liquids that LPS helps to package. There are food products such as soups and sauces, cosmetics like nail polish and lipstick, chemicals and household products including bleaches and window or floor cleaner. Even some items that may not come to mind when liquid is mentioned, such as candles and other wax products, glue, soap, honey and more, are considered liquids in the packaging industry.

The word "packaging" can have several different meanings as well. Many people will think of a bottle, box or other container. Others may think of a co-packer, or a company that packages product for another company. But at LPS, packaging means conveying, filling, capping, labeling and otherwise preparing those containers for the end user through the manufacture of packaging machinery! LPS builds that equipment for packagers that allow them to automate processes and quickly get product ready for the shelf.

The key to a packaging solution is finding the best solution for the particular products being packaged. For example, different filling machines will be used for different products. Overflow filling machines can be used to consistently fill bottles to the same level. Piston fillers will be a better solution for thicker products like spaghetti sauce or peanut butter. Net weight filling machines will ensure consistent fills based on, obviously, product weight. Capping machinery will depend not so much on the product, but on the closure. Spindle cappers and chuck capping machinery can be used for screw-on type closures, while bartop corkers are used to cork products such as wine and distilled spirits.

So the simple answer to the question "Are there packaging solutions for my liquid?" is yes. The more difficult question to answer is "Which packaging solution is best for my liquid?" By employing the thousands of projects already done and adding it to the decades of combined packaging experience gathered at the company, LPS excels at helping packagers find the most reliable and efficient solution available, be it standard equipment or a completely custom design.

LPS Packaging Specialists always welcome the opportunity to discuss and analyze new or existing packaging projects, and encourage all packagers to call the offices with questions, ideas or concerns.

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