Automatic Packaging - Benefits Beyond Speed

The first thing most people think of when talking about the benefits of automatic packaging machinery is speed. Automatic packaging machines allow bottles to be filled, capped, labeled or otherwise prepared much faster than if those same chores had to be completed by hand. But the benefits of automatic equipment do not stop at speed. Each packaging machine, including the conveyor systems, offer unique benefits over hand packaging beyond increased speed.

Turntables, loading conveyors and conveyor systems take away the need to manually move bottles and containers from one packaging station to another. While this obviously increases speed, it also reduces the handling of the bottles on multiple occasions, which further reduces the opportunity for dropping, breaking, marring, spilling or otherwise mishandling product and containers, making the process both safer and more efficient.

Filling machines allow for quick and easy filling of multiple containers at a time. In addition, depending on the filling principle, it allows for accuracy that is either harder to attain or simply impossible to attain when hand filling. Whether filling to a level, by volume, by weight or using some other method, automatic filling equipment allows for consistent and highly accurate fills with each cycle. And while hand filling can lead to time-consuming accurate fills, packagers will once again have spills, tips, drops and other mishaps that can lead to product waste. Such waste can be greatly reduced or eliminated using filling machinery.

When it comes to capping bottles, fatigue can play a part in caps being under-tightened, cross-threaded or bottles simply being inconsistently sealed. Capping machines for all different types of closures exist that can consistently tighten or otherwise seal bottles. Additionally, twisting or pushing or otherwise sealing bottles can lead to repetitive motion injuries in some people who may perform this chore on a daily basis. Automatic capping machines remove such danger and allow an operator to focus on other areas of packaging or packing.

Labeling machines can also consistently apply labels to containers in a manner that is hard to replicate when hand applying stickers. Anyone who has attempted to repeatedly apply labels in the same location on a bottle can attest to the fact that it is not only time-consuming, but it is a difficult task. Not only can positioning be off, but labels that are hand applied often tend to wrinkle. Labeling machinery can repeatedly apply stickers smoothly and consistently in the desired location.

So while speed is often a motivating factor when choosing to automate packaging tasks, these are a few examples of how packaging machinery offers more benefits than just increased speed. Conveyors, fillers, cappers and labelers can save product, prevent mishaps, provide consistent packaging and even make the process safer for operators. To learn more about the benefits of individual machinery, feel free to browse the LPS website or contact a Packaging Specialist at 1-888-393-3693 today.