Automatic Packaging Line Vision - How the Machinery Sees

Though it is possible to use an automatic packaging equipment as a stand alone type of machine, the vast majority of automatic machines will be connected via a conveyor system to create a system of automation. While each machine will use vision systems to help perform the task for which it was built, the entire system will also use vision systems to help the machines communicate with one another. Below we will look at an example of both of these types of vision systems.

No Bottle Vision Systems

On some packaging machines, activating the specific process can create quite a mess if the bottles are not in place. For example, rinsing or filling without a bottle in place can result in liquid covering the machine, conveyor, floor and other containers. No Bottle Vision Systems on automatic rinsing and filling machines will stop the machine from cycling until all the bottles are in place under the nozzles or heads, whether working with one or two heads or as many as sixteen heads. The bottle sensor will send a signal to the machine's PLC when all bottles are in place keeping spills and accidents, and the downtime and cleanup that results, from occurring.

Anti-Bottle Back Up Vision Systems

Of course, when one machine stops working correctly, there must be a way to tell the machines prior on the packaging line to pause their activity. Failing to do so can result in bottles jamming on the conveyor, or even tipping and spilling causing the same mess as mentioned when missing a bottle. Unlike the previous system, the Anti-Bottle Back Sensor will not be placed on or near the machine with which it will communicate. Instead, a sensor may be placed by the capping machine, for example, to relay a signal back to a rinser or filler if the bottle capper stopped moving bottles (due to a jam, E-stop or any other reason). The filler and rinser would then pause until the issue has been cleared and bottles can once again move freely. As in the earlier example, this vision system stops an issue or potential issue from growing in size.

These two simple vision systems will be found on almost every automatic packaging line manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions. The placement of sensors that allow machines to communicate with one another help to ensure both consistent and efficient performance of the system as a whole while also minimizing downtime. To learn more about any of the machinery manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions or the features found on the equipment, browse the LPS website by category with the navigation bar found to the left.