Basic Benefits of Purchasing Packaging Machinery

Packaging machinery has become a fact of life for most businesses that prepare product for more than a local, or possibly regional, customer base. Though some exceptions likely do exist, in most situations the reality is that the machinery is necessary to meet production demands! But in addition to the first benefit of the machinery - increased output - there are other benefits to packagers as well. Below we look at four additional benefits that come along with getting more product out the door.

1. Reduced Labor

For packagers that require a high output of product, a large number of workers might be necessary to hand-fill, hand-cap and otherwise manually package product. Not only is such a set up not cost effective, but it is likely also not efficient. Packaging machinery such as bottle fillers, capping machines and labeling equipment will help meet production goals in a timely manner, cutting back overtime and utilities while also preventing repetitive motion injuries that can result from hand pouring product or tightening lids onto bottles all day, every day.

2. Consistency & Reliability

Hand-filling or hand-tightening can lead to fatigue. And that fatigue can mean inconsistent fill levels or unreliable seals on containers. Very few people will fill or cap the last bottle in an eight hour shift in the same manner as they did the first bottle of that shift. Adding packaging machinery, whether semi-automatic or automatic, can add both consistency and reliability to a number of different packaging processes, resulting in fewer complaints, spills and waste.

3. Ease of Use

Though the control screens for some automatic packaging equipment may seem daunting to first time users, the truth is the control of most machines is very simple to master. Tabletop and semi-automatic machines may consist of simple foot or finger switches to activate the packaging function (rinse, fill, cap, label, etc.), while automatic machinery will use a PLC with a touchscreen operator interface. Several different screens will allow the operator of the machinery to set fill times, manually control functions such as head dive and indexing, save recipes, troubleshoot and more. Most settings are factory set on most machines, so that set up and operation of automatic equipment can be performed quickly and easily.

4. Tax Incentives

As we touched on briefly a few weeks ago, the IRS has extended certain tax benefits for companies that purchase equipment and put it into use in 2016! Section 179 of the tax code allows for certain deductions on qualifying equipment that can free up cash for packagers while also allowing packaging equipment to be put into service. For those looking to make a purchase in 2016, make sure to check with your tax professional first to ensure that you get the most out of the Section 179 incentives!

Of course, every project may benefit from packaging machinery in its own unique way. And each packaging machine, from power conveyors and container cleaning equipment to fillers, cappers and even pallet wrappers, can offer unique benefits for any given project. To discuss your project with a Packaging Specialist and learn more about any of the equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions, just give our offices a call today.