Be Prepared to Leap Into Springtime with LPS!

Happy Leap Day from Liquid Packaging Solutions! We just have one suggestion, why not add an extra day to June or July instead of February? In our area, as the weather once again changes back to the warmer variety, our thoughts drift toward the sun and spending time outdoors. Of course, this doesn't mean we won't be at work throughout the summer, but at LPS we do like to take a moment before the weather warms up to ensure that we are prepared to work efficiently! For us, it means ensuring that we have the necessary materials, blades, bits and parts to finish our work in a timely manner.

For our customers, working efficiently can mean having the necessary spare and wear parts on hand to quickly replace components that can bring production grinding to a halt! For those with power conveyors, these components may include an extra length of belting, sprockets or even, in some cases, a motor. Anyone running a filling machine may keep O-rings, an extra nozzle, seals or tubing on hand. Depending on the type of capping machine being used, wear parts such as chuck inserts and spindle wheels and contact parts such as gripper belts should always be on hand for quick replacement. Bottom line, when that sun is shining outside, neither our customers nor our employees want to be stuck inside adjusting or replacing components of a machine. For this reason, Liquid Packaging Solutions will offer a special Spring Discount on all parts orders placed from March 1st right through to March 31st. Just mention this Springtime blog when placing your order and you will receive the Springtime discount.

Of course, if it's time to upgrade machinery or replace existing equipment, LPS can help with that as well! As many of you are aware, LPS manufactures power conveyors, turntables, container cleaning equipment, filling machines, capping machines and lots of other custom packaging machinery as well. In addition to manufacturing the equipment in La Porte, Indiana, LPS also offers a number of packaging services. From integration to installation and training, on both LPS and OEM equipment, the services offered allow our customers to fulfill all of their packaging needs - design, manufacture, install, train, service - in one single location.

To learn more about LPS or the equipment we manufacture, you can browse the equipment categories found on the left side of this screen, or contact a Packaging Specialist Toll Free at 1-888-393-3693. If you have equipment and have questions about spare and wear parts, you can email David in our Parts Department at Let us help you keep that equipment running in these upcoming seasons and help you have a little sun and fun in 2016!