Belt Conveyor Systems Spare Parts Sale

Summer Parts Sale - Belt Conveyor Systems

Belt conveyor systems are the heart of most automatic packaging lines, pumping bottles and containers throughout the system and delivering them to the container cleaning equipment, liquid fillers, capping machines, labeling equipment and other individual packaging machines.  The higher your production output, the harder your conveyor system will work.  The last thing you want during a profitable production run is to have the heart of your operation stop working.  Keeping belt conveyor systems clean and doing routine maintenance will help to extend the life of the conveyor. 
However, each system - whether aluminum conveyors, stainless steel conveyors or HDPE conveyor systems - includes wear parts that may need to be replaced during the useful life of the packaging equipment.  Liquid Packaging Solutions suggests keeping certain conveyor system parts on hand to avoid long periods of downtime and allow for quick and easy troubleshooting.  From now until the end of July, LPS is offering a 10% discount on all conveyor system replacement parts.

Conveyor belting itself will be susceptible to normal wear and tear that may lead to the need to replace or adjust the belt on the conveyor system.  Tension on the belt can lead to stretching that can result in a loose conveyor belt.  Almost all belt conveyor systems include a method for tightening the tension on the belt to allow for smooth product movement.  The take up adjustment will normally involve either adjusting the sprocket position or simply removing links from the chain itself.  Stretching of the conveyor belting can also be reduced by taking care not to overload the belt conveyor system and by keeping the conveyor system clean.  

Sprockets can become damaged by dust and debris gathering at the ends of the belt conveyor system.  
Again, general cleanup and routine maintenance can minimize the possibility of damage to sprockets. Different conveyor systems use different sprocket types, but most are relatively affordable given the cost associated with extended downtime.   Overloading a belt conveyor system may also damage sprockets and contact parts on a belt conveyor system.

Finally, guide rail wear strip that is used to support product as it is moving down the conveyor system can become worn over time or as the result of not being properly adjusted.  For facilities bottling a number of 
different bottle and container sizes, it is always a good idea to take an extra second to ensure the guide rails on the belt conveyor system are aligned properly.  Doing so will prolong the life of the rails while protecting the containers from marring or scratching.  

Liquid Packaging Solutions suggests keeping these and other conveyor components on hand at your facility to avoid extended downtime and unexpected delays caused by normal wear and tear or simple human error. Spending a few dollars on preventative techniques can save many more dollars when accidents happen. From now until the end of July, just mention this article to receive a ten percent discount on all replacement parts for belt conveyor systems!

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