Benefits of Automatic Rinsing Machinery

Automatic rinsing machinery can be used with air, water or other liquids to remove contaminants from a container prior to the introduction of product. The process may involve inverting bottles over a rinse basin or, in some cases, creating a seal over the container opening in order to vacuum out debris after rinsing the same with air. The removal of debris is the obvious benefit of using bottle rinsers, but several other benefits also exist!

Rinsing bottles with air or liquid is one step in keeping the entire packaging process sanitary. Sanitary packaging processes are especially important in industries such as Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals and other industries that produce ingestibles or consumables. For many of these products, a sanitary packaging process is not just desirable, but is required. Simply adding a rinser to a packaging line will not create a sanitary packaging process, but it is a step toward creating such a process.

Hand cleaning each and every container that will be filled with a product can also be a tedious chore. Automatic machinery only requires an operator to set up the machine for the bottle to be run and generally keep an eye on the machine or the line as a whole to ensure consistent performance. The bottle rinsers speed up the process and actually make it easier on the operator responsible for the process. Set up on automatic machines is often as simple as pressing a button to call up a recipe, saved for the specific bottle to be run. When customer bottles are supplied prior to the shipping of the machine, the recipes will be pre-loaded and ready for the packager.

Of course, many packagers run a variety of sizes or even bottles. The automatic rinsing machine has easily adjustable rinse heads, typically a simple hand knob, to accommodate a range of bottle sizes and shapes. Each bottle will have its own recipe on the control panel, meaning that only simple adjustments such as the hand knobs are necessary for bottle change over, further adding to the efficiency of the equipment.

Depending on the products being packaged, bottle cleaning may not be a necessity for every packager. A number of packagers add rising machinery even where not required, however, simply for the aesthetic value to the finished product or to avoid contamination of the product. To learn more about rinsing machinery, visit the Container Cleaning section of the LPS website or call LPS today.