Bottle Cappers for Any Industry

Bottle Cappers for Any Industry

More than any other container, LPS capping machines are used to tighten and seal bottles.  Of course, bottles can come in many different shapes, sizes and materials, from plastic bottles for water and window cleaner to glass bottles for ketchup, syrup, medicine and other products.  In addition, the caps used to seal the different bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types as well.  Screw on type caps may be regular flat caps or the more unique flip top caps or even trigger sprayers.  Snap on caps, corks, ROPP caps, lugs and other custom type seals may be used on a bottle.  While the different bottles and caps can be used across all industries, some are simply more common.


For a majority of people, water bottles probably bring to mind a clear plastic bottle with a simple flat screw on cap.  The bottle is, truly, a symbol for the industry with almost all companies using some variation of the same general theme.  Bottled water will almost always be capped using a spindle capper or chuck capper to apply consistent torque to reliably seal each bottle.  These capping machines are available for all production needs, from simple tabletop machines to fully automatic inline capping systems.


Other beverages, such as sodas and sports drinks, may come in similar bottles, though the size and shape will vary a little more than in the bottled water industry.  Some beverages may use the same flat cap often seen in the bottled water industry, but the caps, like the bottles, will also expand slightly.  Sports caps and flip top caps might be used for squeeze bottles, while some teas may use a lug type cap.  Spindle capping machines are probably the most popular machine among other beverages, though some chuck cappers and snap cappers will be seen as well.


Wine and spirits carve out their own niche among beverages, and though an other beverage, the bottle cappers used for these liquids will differ slightly from those above.  Any wine drinker knows that they can expect usually either expect a cork or a ROPP cap on their bottle of choice.  Other spirits may use cork-like snap caps, though they may be made of glass and plastic.  ROPP caps require special bottle cappers in that the blank caps are actually sealed using a special set of knives that create threads upon sealing.  Corks and other inserts may require custom inserting or capping machines.  Unlike the beverages discussed above, spindle capping machines will be a more rare find in the wine and spirits industry, overtaken by ROPP, snap and custom capping machines.


Some liquid medications will use a standard screw on flat cap similar to those found on bottled water.  Spindle and chuck cappers return to the forefront when this is the case.  Other bottles in the pharmaceutical industry will include a CRC, child proof,  or other safety type cap.  These type of caps may still use a spindle or chuck capper, if they are the type that require pressing down and turning to open.  Snap capping will also be more prevalent in this industry for lids that require alignment before the cap can be popped off.  In this industry, many bottle cappers will be aligned with neck banders, induction sealers and other tamper resistant packaging equipment to avoid contamination or manipulation of the product before it reaches the end user.   


Spray bottles and squeeze bottles are more popular in the household cleaners industry.  Trigger sprayers for window cleaner or squeeze bottles for certain polishes or bathroom cleaners will both likely use a screw on type cap, once again making spindle cappers and chuck capping machines popular in the industry.  The use of these capping machines in the household cleaners industry shows the versatility of the capping equipment while also giving an example of the variety of different screw on caps available.  As household cleaners come in a variety of bottles, some belt snap cappers and plunger type snap capping machines and custom bottle capping equipment may also be found on packaging systems in the industry.  
While these are only a few of the industries that will utilize bottle cappers, they set forth a pretty good example of the different types of sealing machines that will be used as well as a good sampling of which types of capping machines are the most popular.  Spindle cappers and chuck cappers, handling all types of screw on caps, are the most popular machines overall, as screw type caps are the most popular type of cap.  As we are beginning to see a trend away from the plastic bottle, the type of capping machines used may change over time to accommodate the different types of seals and closures in use.  For more information about any of the bottle cappers mentioned above, visit the capping machinery section of our website.