Bottle Cleaning for Any Industry

Bottle Cleaning For Any Industry

Container cleaning equipment can be a necessity in some industries, required by packaging standards or for safety.  In other industries, bottle cleaning may be done for aesthetic purposes or simply at the desire of the packager.  Whatever the reason, there are several different manners in which bottles can be cleaned and several types of machines to achieve this purpose.


Bottle cleaning machines can use air, water or other liquids to rinse, wash or even sanitize containers before they reach the filling machine.  Air is generally used to blow debris from the inside of bottles and other containers.  Some rinsing machines may invert bottles before the air burst is released inside the bottle, allowing dust and other contaminants to blow out of the bottle while upside down.  Other packaging machines may include a bottle vacuum that will not invert containers, but instead will first blast the inside with air and then vacuum out the loosened dust and other debris.
Water or other rinse media can also be used to clean containers.  Inverting wet rinsers work on the same principle as the inverting air rinser, turning bottles upside down and blasting them with clean water or other liquids that will wash away dust, debris and other contaminants.  
Some applications, such as those using five gallon water bottles, will also use container cleaning equipment to sanitize bottles when they are re-used for the same purpose.  Sanitizing liquids will usually be combined with a rinse and wash cycle for a complete and hygienic cleaning that does beyond the simple removal of dust and debris.


Bottle cleaning machines can take care of the inside or outside of containers, and some packaging projects will do both.  Food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals and other items that are ingested will almost always use a rinsing machine on the inside of the bottle or container to avoid the introduction of contaminants into their product.  
Some packagers may use an outside rinse or wash simply due to the type of container they use.  Certain bottle materials and/or colors may show dust and debris more than others.  The atmosphere of some packaging facilities may allow debris to gather on the containers.  Whatever the reason, a bottle washer can also clean the outside of a container, to help avoid a dusty arrival on the retail shelf or in the customers hands.


Bottle rinsing machines, bottle vacuums and bottle washers are all available in several different levels of automation.  Each of the machines can be used on automatic packaging lines through the use of PLC's and indexing systems.  However, for those facilities without large production demands, semi-automatic container cleaning equipment allows operators to rinse or wash one, two or several bottles at a time.
Whatever the project, a bottle cleaning machine to meet the needs of the packaging line can be achieved.  If you would like additional information on container cleaning equipment, contact Don Timm toll free at 1-888-393-3693.