Bottle Fillers for Corrosive Products

Almost all of the packagers with a filling machine from Liquid Packaging Solutions have a machine constructed with stainless steel. The strength of the material, along with the fact that it will not be negatively impacted by a majority of the products filled, makes stainless steel the go-to choice for building bottle fillers. The key phrase above, however, is "majority of the products", as there is always an exception to the rule.

One of the factors that make filling equipment stand apart from other packaging machines is the fact that the filler is the only machine that comes in direct contact with the product, moving it through the pathway and in to waiting bottles. While stainless steel is both sturdy and reliable, handling products from foods and beverages to oils, cosmetics, cleaners and much more, there are those liquids that corrode the stainless material and shorten the life of the packaging machine, such as acids, bleaches and other harsh chemicals. But even being corrosive, these products need to be packaged for many different commercial and consumer uses. When such a liquid is encountered, the stainless steel will be set aside and LPS will manufacture a corrosion resistant filling machine.

In general terms, very little will change in the capabilities of the filling machine when manufactured as a corrosion resistant solution. Models will be available in automatic and semi-automatic versions, from simple tabletop equipment to fully automatic inline solutions. In addition, different filling principles can be used on such a filler, including the ability to fill to a level, by volume and more. In addition, the same standard features and options will usually be available on the corrosion resistant machines. For example, corrosion resistant bottle fillers may still use a simple touchscreen operator interface for automatic versions. The only real difference is the replacement of stainless steel construction materials and components with HDPE materials and components. This change in material ensures that the machine will operate in a consistent and reliable manner for an extended period of time.

Of course, depending on the product and the environment in which the packaging occurs, there may also be some changes to the rest of the packaging line. HDPE conveyors are always a good idea for the corrosive resistant filling machines, to avoid damage from spills, tips or drips. Other packaging equipment as well as complete line conveyor systems can be built using HDPE when and if necessary for the safety of the equipment and the operators. To learn more about corrosion resistant filling machines and HDPE equipment, contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.