Bottled Water

With the explosion of bottled water, of course, came the explosion of bottled water plants. Those in the packaging industry over the last twenty years are first-hand witnesses to the rise of bottled water. Though the bottled water industry has steadied lately, there is a continued high demand for the product.

There are numerous different sources for bottled water. If you have a spring or a well on or near your property, you probably have the ability to bottle that water! But what should you expect if you decide to enter the bottled water market?

LPS is a member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). The IBWA sets standards and a model code for the bottling of water. In addition, in the United States, the EPA sets standards for drinking water under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Over the years, the FDA has adopted many of these standards, at times taking the standard and making it more stringent for bottled water.

The IBWA, along with other independent organizations such as NSF International and the Underwriters Laboratory do, in a sense, "certify" bottled water. These organizations inspect bottled water plants against IBWA model codes, FDA regulations and other standards.

If you notice the logos or seals of any of these companies on bottled water, then you can rest assured that the bottling process and the quality of the water meet the standards of the respective organizations. If starting a bottled water plant, it is also advisable to contact these agencies.

LPS bottled water plants can be as simple as a one head filling machine or as complex as a complete packaging system for 16 ounce, liter, or even five gallon machines. Feel free to browse our website, or call our toll free number at 888-393-3693 for more information on our bottled water packaging systems!

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