Bottled Water Plants - Packing


Once you have successfully filled, capped and labeled your bottled water, it is time to wrap it and ship it! Packaging options for bottled water plants are numerous, ranging from manually hand packing finished product to adding on a fully automated packing system to the end of your packaging line. Some of the most popular methods of preparing your product for presentation to your customers are discussed below:


If you are packing bottled water into cardboard cases, case erecting and case packing machines will benefit any packaging system. Most case erectors work by simply placing cardboard blanks into a loading slot on the packaging machine. The case erector will then fold the box at the correct points and present the same for packing! Case erectors may be placed on a packaging system right before a packing station for easy manual packing of the bottled water. Case erectors may also be combined with a case packer, or drop packer, to automatically pack a given number of bottles into the case. For example, a laning conveyor may create four lanes, or rows, of three bottles. These rows will enter the case packer, which will drop them into the box presented by the case erector!

Case erectors and case packers are two pieces of packaging machinery that can easily increase efficiency and production when added to a packaging system! Some of the machines offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions can be seen at:


Case tapers can also play an integral part in the packing phase of your packaging system. Logically, a case erector and case packer would be followed by a case taping machine. Case tapers are driven by side or bottom belts and apply tape to seal the cases for shipping. Case tapers, or case sealers, may also be added to a manual case packing station for quick and easy sealing of the finished product by workers. The case tapers offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions can handle a wide range of heights and lengths and can be seen at:


If you are shipping bottled water from your bottled water plant in bulk, a pallet wrapper may be vital to your packaging system. Once the water has been bottled, capped, labeled and packed and stacked on a pallet, the pallet wrapping machine can quickly and easily ready the pallet for shipping! Pallet wrappers, or stretch wrappers, come in both low-profile and high profile models. Low profile machines are made for forklift loading and unloading of pallets. High profile machines work well with pallet jacks or hand trucks.

Pallet wrappers also offer many different levels of automation. From manual wrapping by laborers to simply pressing a button to begin a pre-programmed wrap process, the different levels can be seen at:


Shrink wrappers, or bundlers, are a popular method of packaging bottled water into six-packs, twelve-packs or other "bundles" of bottles. The shrink wrap machine can be used with or without trays on your bottled water, to create packages of product. In general, a shrink wrap bundler will create a sleeve of plastic around the collated product in whatever number desired. The machine will then cut the plastic and proceed through a heat tunnel to seal it around the bundle of bottles.

Shrink wrappers are also available in different levels of automation, from manually collated product to automatic collation. To see some of the bundlers offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions click below:


We've now taken your bottled water all the way through the packaging system! Many popular options for all phases of the packaging system have been presented over the past few weeks, but not all of them. Custom machines and variations on the packaging system are the norm. That being the case, Liquid Packaging Solutions invites you to call and discuss your packaging system with us at any time, toll free, at: