Business as (Un)Usual

There is simply nothing "usual" about the current situation in the United States or around the world. At Liquid Packaging Solutions, as with many other businesses today, we are attempting to create a new, temporary normal as we assist packagers in getting essential items out to those who need them in a quick and efficient manner.

Like most businesses, our operations have changed slightly in the past few weeks. Though not all employees are in the office or at the plant together, Liquid Packaging Solutions currently remains open during normal business hours from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time from Monday through Friday. In addition to continuing to manufacture needed machinery, the company also continues to get parts out to packagers to keep equipment already in production running smoothly as well.

LPS technicians also remain available to assist with technical issues, machine set up, changeover and any unexpected issues. While social distancing and other regulations may inhibit travel to packager locations, technicians are employing whatever means necessary to assist businesses, including phone service, facetime and other options to diagnose issues where necessary and resolve them with the packagers help.

Sales, Parts and Technical Service can all be reached by phone at the LPS Toll Free Number - 1-888-393-3693. The Liquid Packaging Solutions website also offers quick and easy access to the LPS team, by filling out either the Quick Connect Form or the Quote Request Form. Both of these forms can be found on every page of the website, located at In addition, packagers can chat with an LPS representative through the LPS website by clicking on the Chat button, also found on every page of the website. Chat representatives will answer questions if possible, or route inquiries to the best person depending on the type of inquiry.

LPS understands that during this difficult time we are in this together, and will get through this by working together. Please do not hesitate to contact LPS for assistance with new machinery, parts, troubleshooting currently machinery or for any other reason!