Capping Choices

If you′ve browsed our website here at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., you probably noticed that there are several options when it comes to capping your container. So which solution is best for your bottle? Good question. Today we ′ll take a look at our most popular cappers. And as always, feel free to call our solution specialists toll free at 888-393-3693 with any questions!


Our most popular capper is by far our spindle capper or retorquer. The spindle capper will tighten down almost any cap, including flat caps, sports caps, F-style caps, many trigger caps and more. Used mainly in fully automated packaging systems, the spindle capper is also available in a semi-automatic model.

On the Liquid Packaging Solutions spindle capper, the cap is delivered to the container using either a cap elevator or a sorting bowl. The cap will travel down a chute and to be placed on the bottle. The bottle then travels through the spindles or gripper discs and is tightened onto the cap. The operator can control the amount of torque by controlling the speed of the spindles. Various containers can also be used on the same spindle capper using quick and easy knob controlled height and width adjustments. This capper is ideal for high production packaging lines with a variety of different container shapes and sizes.


Right behind the spindle cappers in popularity are the LPS chuck cappers! From handhled models to fully automatic versions, these cappers use a chuck and insert to torque down the caps.

The most simple and least costly method of speeding up production is the handheld chuck capper. The user simple places the cap on the bottle, places the chuck over the cap and squeezes the handle to tighten the cap to the desired torque. Tabletop versions of this capper are also available. The user places the cap, slides the bottle under the chuck head and either presses a footswitch or activation button to start the chuck head descent and cap tightening. Ideal for smaller production packaging systems or as a first step in automating a previously manual packaging system, the LPS chuck cappers are user friendly and cost effective.


The ROPP Capper is specially designed to seal bottles with aluminum ROPP caps. Though few people could explain what is meant by an ROPP cap, most have probably seen one. The most popular example of an ROPP cap is the aluminum cap found on many wine bottles. The capper consists of a set of knives used to create a pilfer proof seal on a bottle or other container. The capping machine may also be used with other cap types, such as screw on caps, by simply changing out the capping head.


Some projects simply require special capping techniques. Do you have a pail that needs to be pressed on to your container? Do you run some containers with twist on caps and some that snap on? Or are you simply not sure which capper would work best for your packaging system? Custom cappers are available at Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc. From snap cappers to pail lid pressers to combination spindle and snap cappers, we will find the best capping solution for your products!

Simply call our toll free number at 888-393-3693 to discuss your project with an LPS representative!