Capping Machine Theory of Operation - Spindle Capper


Capping machines can be manufactured in several different ways to handle the cap and bottle combination to be used on a packaging line.  Of course, almost any capping machine can be built to run production semi-automatically or automatically.  But different machines will also be built to handle different types of caps, from screw caps to snap on caps and ROPP caps.  The operation of each type of capping machine will differ as to the method used to tighten or seal the closures.
The spindle capper is probably the most popular automatic capping machine for screw type caps.  This capper receives bottles with caps already set in place and then automatically tightens the caps using several sets of matched spinning disks, or spindle wheels.  The capping process will run continuously without bottles stopping for indexing, cap placement or any other reason.
Of course, in order to remain consistent and reliable, the spindle capper must stabilize the bottle as it passes through the disks that will spin down the screw cap.  Gripper side belts and cap stabilizers hold the caps and bottles in place as they move through the capping machine.  The gripper belts will be used on the side of the bottle to keep it upright and in position during the capping process.  Some applications will require a capping machine with double gripper belts to keep tall or odd shaped bottles stabilized.  The cap stabilizer will keep pressure on the top of the cap from placement on the bottle to (at least) the point where the bottle and cap are introduced to the spindle wheels.
Most spindle cappers will use three or four sets of spindle wheels to tighten down the caps.  The last set of spindles will normally include clutches that allow for just the right amount of torque to create a dependable seal on the bottle.  As noted above, the bottles run continuously through the capping machine.  This is made possible on the automatic machine through the use of a sorting elevator or sorting bowl that will automatically deliver caps to the capping machine.  The automatic cap delivery system means that the operator of the capping machine or packaging line need only replenish bulk caps on occasion.  
Changeover on the capping machine will normally consist of simple hand adjustments to the cap chute, the height and width of the spindle wheels and gripper belts and some adjustment to the elevator or bowl.  In some cases, where a wide variety of caps are being run on one machine, some tool based changes may be necessary, such as changing out a stabilizer or adding a second gripper belt.  
The spindle capping machine will work with numerous types of screw caps as well.  From simple flat caps to sports caps to trigger sprayers and other unique screw type caps, this capping machine offers both versatility and efficiency for a wide range of industries.