Capsule Placer and Spinner Ideal for Distilled Spirits

Capsule Placer and Spinner Ideal for Distilled Spirits

With craft distilleries still arguably in the midst of a boom across the United States, packaging machinery that might otherwise be unique or custom is moving to the forefront.  A good example of this trend is the automatic capsule placer and spinner, which provides tamper evident seals on bottles using tin or almost tin capsules.  Though a range of containers can be found in the distilled spirits industry, a standard glass bottle with tapered neck is still a popular sight, and capsules provide benefits for these standard bottles.

While the capsule spinner may be used on other products, such as olive oils and wines, this sealing machine is ideal for distilled spirits for both aesthetic and functional reasons.  From an aesthetic standpoint, the capsule can provide an identifying mark for an individual product or a brand of products.  Much like labeling a bottle, a capsule can be unique to a product, containing a logo, emblem or mark to stand out from other similar products and help a consumer to recognize and remember a favorable product.

From a functional standpoint, food and beverage products can always benefit from tamper evident packaging.  Using a capping or sealing machine to provide such closures can boost consumer confidence, trust and safety in a product.  As a beverage, distilled spirits are an ideal candidate for such packaging.  Many distilled spirits will be packaged in glass bottles with longer necks, similar to wine bottles.  The application of the capsule allows consumers to see that the product has remained sealed from the distillery to the shelf.  

The automatic capsule spinner will first grab and place a capsule onto a single bottle.  Using starwheel indexing, the capsule and bottle will rotate until in place under the spinner heads.  Automatic capsule spinners can use one head or multiple heads to reach the desired production demands.  The spinner head or heads then descend to complete the sealing process, smoothing the capsule to the bottle.  Automatic capsule spinners can be manufactured for lower production facilities as semi-automatic or semi-automatic upgradeable machines.  These machines require an operator to place the cap and start the spinner cycle.  

Automatic capsule spinners include the capsule placer for higher production facilities and will include a touchscreen operator interface for quick and easy set up and operation.  The operator of an automatic spinner will only need to reload bulk capsules on occasion and monitor the machine once production begins.  Of course, the capsule placer and spinner can be integrated into an existing line or included in a complete packaging system.  For distilled spirits, a packaging line may consist of a bottle rinser, liquid filler, capping or corking machine, then the capsule placer and spinner, followed by a labeling machine.  Loading, accumulating and packing equipment may also be a part of a distilled spirit line depending on the amount of automation desired.

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