Choosing the Correct Closure for Your Packaging Project

Choosing the best closure for your package will depend on a number of different factors, including the actual product being packaged as well as what the end user expects from the package. Different closures will offer different benefits to the end user.

One of the most popular closures, the continuous thread cap, simply screws on to the bottle, as seen on most bottled water and popular soft drinks. These closures allow the end user to reseal the product and open and close it with ease, providing a convenient cap for consumers. However, some industries, such as those using chemicals, pharmaceuticals and even some household products, also require child resistant caps, or CRC's, to ensure that the product is not too easily accessed. Some CRC's may screw on like the continuous thread cap, but with added protection such as push and turn or squeeze and turn, while others may be snap caps that require a specific configuration to pop off the top.

Continuous thread closures can also take on many forms different from the flat cap seen on the drinks mentioned above. These caps may take the form of a pump, as seen on some liquid soaps, a trigger sprayer like found on window cleaner or even a flip-top cap found on a number of shampoos and body washes. The many different forms of continuous thread caps are one of the reasons the closure remains a popular choice over time.

For some packagers, tamper evidence may as or more important than the user convenience. While screw on type closures can incorporate tamper evident components, Roll-On Pilfer Proof Closures, or ROPP caps, typically include a perforated section at the bottom of the cap that will allow consumers to see if the bottle has been opened. ROPP caps are often seen on wines and distilled spirits, but are becoming more popular on products outside of the alcohol industry. Also popular with wines and distilled spirits, corks are normally combined with neck bands or capsules to provide tamper evidence as well.

Once packagers choose the best closure for their project based on product need and customer expectation, Liquid Packaging Solutions can help find the best capping machine for that cap. With spindle and chuck cappers for continuous thread caps, LPS can supply solutions for packagers both large and small. Snap cappers, bottle corkers and ROPP capping machines are also all available in both automatic and semi-automatic models. Custom capping machines can be engineered and built for unique sealing projects. LPS also offers heat shrink tunnels, capsule spinners and other machinery for sealing a range of products. To learn more about the capping and sealing options available, browse the website or call LPS today.