Chuck Capping Equipment

Chuck Capping Equipment

Chuck capping equipment can be used to seal a wide range of bottles and containers using an array of different threaded cap types and sizes.  These bottle cappers use a chuck head and insert to allow for excellent consistency in the capping process.  Chuck capping equipment can be used in almost any packaging system, as these capping machines are available from simple, handheld models to completely automated capping machines.

Handheld Capping Equipment

Chuck cappers can be as simple as a handheld device that allows for consistent torque to be applied to bottles.  Handheld capping equipment is available in both electric and pneumatic models.  These economical capping machines simply require the operator to place the cap on the bottle, place the chuck head over the cap and the chuck capper threads the cap down for a secure, repeatable seal.  Handheld chuck cappers are available with portable frames to add mobility or they can be added to a uniframe filling system to allow for filling and capping in a compact and efficient space.

Semi-Automatic Capping Equipment

Semi-automatic chuck cappers can be manufactured as tabletop machines or portable capping machines.  These bottle cappers are best suited for facilities with low to medium capping requirements.  Operators of semi-automatic chuck capping equipment simply place a cap on the bottle and slide the cap and bottle into position under the chuck capping head.  The chuck head then descends to apply the desired torque and the operator removes the sealed bottle and sends it to the next packaging phase, such as labeling or shrink wrap bundling.  Like all chuck capping equipment, the semi-automatic cappers can handle a wide range of bottle and cap types and sizes.

Automatic Capping Equipment

Automatic chuck capping equipment is ideal for inline packaging systems that require continuous capping to meet production needs.  Automatic chuck cappers will normally use a belt conveyor system to deliver bottles to the capping machine.  These bottle cappers can use one or multiple capping heads to meet production needs.  Automatic capping equipment will also utilize a cap delivery system that only requires the operator to replenish bulk caps when needed.  Normally, a cap elevator delivers properly oriented caps to a chute, which in turn delivers caps to the bottles.  Other cap delivery systems are available for the chuck cappers when additional speed is needed or unique caps are being used.  Most automatic chuck capping equipment will also include PLC controls with a easy to use touch screen interface that allows for fast setup and changeover.

Chuck capping equipment can be an efficient and productive addition to any packaging line.  For more information on chuck cappers, other capping equipment or any of the packaging machinery offered by Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc., call a representative toll free today at 1-888-393-3693.