Chuck Capping Machines for Semi-Automatic Packaging Systems

Chuck capping equipment offers one alternative for tightening screw-on type closures on a packaging system. While these capping machines can be manufactured for automated packaging, a second alternative, the spindle capping machine, is more likely to be seen on automatic lines. While chuck cappers will work better on some automatic systems, the different alternatives offered in the design of the chuck capping machines often makes them a better choice for small to medium sized packagers who utilize semi-automatic equipment.

These capping machines, as the name suggests, use a chuck that lowers over the cap as it sits on the bottle or container. The chuck may also use a rubber insert to avoid damaging the closure. Once lowered over the cap, the head applies torque in a consistent manner for a reliable and repeatable sealing of the bottle.

Tabletop chuck cappers allow a single operator to efficiently and consistently tighten caps in a small space. The operator of a tabletop machine simply places the cap on the bottle and slides the bottle into a positioning nest that then signals the capper head to begin the tightening process. Some tabletop machines may also use a finger switch rather than a sensor. These simple to use machines remove the possibility of inconsistent tightening that can result from fatigue after hours of hand tightening, while also helping labor to avoid repetitive motion injuries.

In addition to tabletop chuck capping machines, handheld chuck cappers offer a quick and easy solution for capping. Handheld chuck cappers may be attached to the frame of a filling machine, to allow a single operator to both fill and cap bottles. They can be added to a portable frame as well for facilities that may cap in different areas, or simply carried from one place to another. While the handheld chuck capper may not always add speed to the capping process, like the tabletop model, this tool allows for consistent and reliable capping while protecting laborers against injury.

Semi-automatic chuck capping options may also be useful for larger packagers with short or special runs. For holiday products or special edition items, semi-automatic machinery, including the chuck cappers, can be used to complete a run without interrupting the normal production schedule on automatic machinery. To learn more about the different options, visit the Chuck Capper page of the Liquid Packaging Solutions website.