Common Questions: What Packaging Systems Do You Offer For...?

The end of the above question can be completed in many different ways. Some may inquire about what kind of packaging systems Liquid Packaging Solutions offers for start up companies. Others may ask about a specific industry such as distilled spirits or CBD oils. Still others may phrase their question around a bottle type, such as Boston Rounds or gallons. While the question can take many different forms, the answer typically remains the same. That answer is whatever packaging system is required.

Whether asking about a system for a unique product, for a specific bottle or for a specific liquid type, LPS will create whatever type of system will work best for the project at hand! Brand new companies may have low production, so that a tabletop system will work perfectly to fill, cap and label a few hundred bottles a month. Another brand new company may have a lower demand but expect quick growth, so that a semi-automatic filling and capping machine built on a full frame will work better than a tabletop system, allowing for an upgrade in the future.

One distiller might be filling typical 750 ml bottles while another may use a custom, unique bottle. Though similar products are being used, the unique bottle may require a unique solution for rinsing and capping. Even when dealing with two distillers using similar bottles, one may use a cork while the other uses an ROPP cap, meaning the best machinery for the two will differ. In other words, LPS offers whatever kind of system the packager needs based on their production demand, their product, their bottle, their caps and many other components. The answer to the question remains the same regardless of the question because each new system that leaves the La Porte, Indiana plant and travels across the country - or around the world - is created specifically for the bottled water, distilled spirits, window cleaner, sports drinks, cleaners, cosmetics or other product being packaged.

Custom manufacturing of packaging machinery means not simply mass-producing equipment, but rather creating a partnership with those packagers that put their trust in LPS. By learning as much about the company, the product, the packaging components and the future plans, LPS is able to provide the best packaging solution possible for just about any liquid or molten product. To learn more about LPS equipment and the different options available for your own products, browse the LPS website or call to speak with a Packaging Specialist today.