Complete Liquid Packaging Solutions

Complete Liquid Packaging Solutions

While many of our posts focus on a single type of packaging machinery, or even a single feature of of specific packaging machines, we like to take a moment from time to time to remind everyone that Liquid Packaging Solutions offers packagers complete packaging solutions, from rinsing and cleaning bottles to packing up the finished product to ship to customers.  LPS achieves this goal by combining our own manufacturing expertise with the integration of machinery manufactured by other experts in the packaging field.

As manufacturers, LPS offers a wide variety of custom solutions for those packaging products from many different industries.  Power conveyor systems can be created for containers large and small, wide and narrow.  These systems include several different variations of belt type conveyors, including low profile conveyors, C-frame conveyors, sanitary style conveyors and even HDPE construction for harsh products and environments.  The conveyor systems create the circulation system for any automatic packaging line, allowing containers to be efficiently and reliably transferred from one packaging station to the next.  

LPS also manufactures several options for loading and unloading bottles or other containers from a conveyor system.  Loading turntables, laning conveyors and bottle unscramblers are just a few of the options for introducing bottles to the conveyor, while accumulating turntables and pack tables can assist in gathering and preparing product for packing and shipping.  Once the circulation system and loading and unloading components are set up, the different stations of the packaging system can be added to create a unique solution for each individual project.

Container cleaning machinery manufactured by LPS prevents contamination of product by removing dust and debris from bottles before product is introduced.  Rinsing and washing machines can be built to handle containers both large and small, including special machinery to handle three and five gallon containers.  These machines can use air, water or other liquid to rinse bottles or even vacuum containers free of debris depending on the application.  While popular in industries such as Food and Beverage and Pharmaceuticals where products are ingested, container cleaning machines can be found across many industries to help keep the packaging process sanitary.

Once containers are clean, product can be introduced and LPS manufactures a number of different filling machines.  Principles range from overflow for level fills to piston fillers for volumetric filling and include gravity, pump, siphon and other custom fill types as well.  The actual type of filling machine chosen for a line will be determined mostly by the product being filled, though other factors will be taken into account when more than one type of machine will achieve the fill.  

Once filled and cleaned, the product must be sealed for protection.  LPS capping machines will be manufactured based on the type of cap that is used on the bottle or other container.  Spindle and chuck cappers are normally used for screw on caps, while snap cappers will handle snap on type lids.  Custom cappers can be built for unique closure types or rare caps.  For some projects, LPS will also manufacture a nitrogen purge system, which will usually be employed between the filler and the capper.  In general terms, a nitrogen purge system replaces oxygen in the head space of a container in order to extend a product shelf life while also preserving taste, texture and color.  

All of these automatic machines can also be manufactured on a semi-automatic level in several different configurations.  Tabletop machines save space by allowing rinsing, filling and capping in a small space.  Portable semi-automatic machinery can be moved to the necessary location and will often allow for an automatic upgrade in the future.  LPS also manufactures custom machinery for other components of a packaging line, such as cooling conveyors, bottle separators and cap delivery systems for automatic cappers.

At this point, a packager may have built a power conveyor system along with machinery that allows for rinsing, filling and capping bottles.  However, other equipment is often necessary or desired.  This is where the relationships that Liquid Packaging Solutions have built with OEM's in the packaging industry benefit packagers.  LPS works with packagers to combine equipment like labelers, cartoners, box erectors, pallet wrappers and more with the equipment manufactured and discussed above.  So rather than work with a number of different vendors to create a complete packaging system, this process allows a packager to design and source the complete packaging line through one company, Liquid Packaging Solutions.

The integration process will normally include staging the entire line at the LPS facility in LaPorte, Indiana, both LPS manufactured machinery and the integrated machinery.  From there, the packagers own product, bottles, caps, labels and other materials will be used to test the machinery to ensure proper functioning.  LPS also offers both installation and training for complete packaging systems, as well as after sale support such as technical service and spare parts.  

LPS invites everyone to experience the difference of having one contact for your packaging needs, and we welcome anyone that would like to contact our Packaging Specialists to discuss new projects or current needs for an existing packaging line.