Complete Turnkey Bottling Lines

Complete Turnkey Bottling Lines

Turnkey can be defined as a complete product ready for use.  Whether a packager is in the market for a completely automated packaging system from bottle loading to packing and palletizing, or a simple, yet efficient tabletop system for filling, capping and labeling, LPS will work on an individual basis with customers to find the ideal turnkey solution for each project.  Turnkey solutions are achieved not just through the manufacture of custom packaging equipment, but also through a process that includes consultation, integration and strong relationships with other packaging machine manufacturers.

In part, a turnkey packaging solution means a complete packaging solution.  Complete, however, can mean completely different things to different packagers.  For a local bottler of water, it may mean a few hundred bottles a day, and the machinery may simply include a tabletop liquid filler, chuck capper and wrap labeler.  For a global bottler of any product, the turnkey solution may include a bottle unscrambler, container cleaning equipment, automatic liquid fillers, cappers and labelers, a shrink wrap bundler, palletizer and pallet wrapper.  Of course, in between each of these examples lie literally thousands of alternatives.

Liquid Packaging Solutions manufactures many different custom packaging machines, both automatic and semi-automatic.  The equipment designed and built in the LaPorte, Indiana facility includes turntables, power conveyor systems, bottle rinsers, filling machines, capping machines and a number of custom pieces for specific individual project needs.  When our customers need additional packaging equipment to complete their personalized system, LPS does the legwork for them!  For instance, if someone is looking for a simple fill, cap and label system, LPS will design and manufacture both the filling machine and the capping machine.  In addition, using not only our knowledge and experience, but also our industry relationships, we will help our customer find the ideal labeling machine for their bottle or container.  In almost all situations, the labeling machine will come to the LPS plant, in order to stage and test the entire system before it reaches the customer. 

In this way, our relationship with packagers does not end at the building of the machinery.  LPS will request bottles, product, caps, labels and any other components used in the packaging, in order to set up and test the turnkey system in our plant.  This allows our production team and our technicians to ensure that the entire system works efficiently, consistently and reliably before shipping the machinery to its final destination.  The shipping of the equipment does not always indicate the end of the relationship either.  In some cases, customers will travel to the LPS plant to see the machinery run and receive training during the testing.  In other cases, LPS technicians will travel to the customer plant to install, test and train production employees on the equipment.  It is through all of these steps that the "ready to use" portion of the turnkey solution is achieved.  

Even after testing, installing and training, LPS is available to packagers for troubleshooting, upgrading or assistance in acquiring replacement or spare parts.  It is our belief that the only true way to provide a complete, turnkey packaging solutions is to make our knowledge and experience available to the packager before the machinery is chosen, during the manufacturing process and after the equipment is in place and running.  If you have a packaging project that you would like to discuss or a question about any of the packaging equipment found on the LPS website, we encourage you to contact a Packaging Specialist at LPS today.