Connect with Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

Connect With Liquid Packaging Solutions, Inc.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably familiar with the Liquid Packaging Solutions website.  But if this happens to be your first visit to our site, we welcome you!  At first glance, there appears to be quite a few different pieces of packaging machinery offered by LPS.  Delve into the website a little deeper and it becomes clear that Liquid Packaging Solutions offers a wide variety of packaging equipment to perform many different functions.  
Most of the packaging equipment found on our website is manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions at our plant in La Porte, Indiana in the heartland of the United States of America. Container cleaning equipment like bottle rinsers and bottle vacuums are manufactured to keep the packaging process sanitary and ensure that product does not become contaminated by dust or debris left in the bottles.  Liquid filling machines can be used to bottle products from thin to thick - think bottled water to paste and putty and everything in between.  Capping machines built by LPS can handle twist on caps, snap on caps, trigger sprayers, sports caps and many other seals.  Conveyor systems manufactured at the La Porte plant can range from a simple, straight five foot aluminum conveyor to a complex, twisting and turning stainless steel system running throughout a plant.  Both loading and accumulating turntables can be added to the conveyor systems for ease in loading and unloading bottles from the packaging line.  
These are just some of the packaging machines manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions.  Nitrogen purge systems, bottle separators and any number of custom machines for unique packaging processes can normally be found in production on our floor year round.
The packaging machinery that we do not manufacture are those that we integrate with our own machinery to offer our customers turnkey packaging systems.  This packaging equipment may include labeling machines, induction sealers, coding equipment and more.  Through our strong relationships with other equipment manufacturers (OEM's) in the packaging industry, we are able to add this packaging machinery to the liquid fillers, cappers, conveyors and other equipment manufactured at LPS and give our customers a packaging line that will include all of the equipment necessary to load, fill, cap, label and pack their product.
In addtion to the website, Liquid Packaging Solutions also maintains a facebook page.  Our customers and those interested in packaging machinery or the packaging industry can like this page for additional information on current events at LPS and in the packaging industry.  You may see current projects as they are created on the shop floor at LPS, the latest news on packaging and packaging machinery and, from time to time, we will post special offers on parts and machinery on the Facebook page as well. 
We also welcome all visitors to our YouTube account.  Our YouTube channel allows visitors to quickly and easily view a number of videos featuring different packaging equipment manufactured by Liquid Packaging Solutions.  Browse our videos or do a quick search to find the filling equipment, capping machine or other packaging machinery you would like to see in action!  
Of course, if you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, facebook page or even at YouTube, you can always call one of our Packaging Specialists toll free at 1-888-393-3693 or click the Chat Online button on the website.  Our representatives are available to answer the questions and provide you with the solutions necessary for your unique packaging process.  So what are you waiting for?  It's easy to: